Two Postdoctoral Research Associates to Create New Platform for Synthesis of Precision Macromolecules We

Two Postdoctoral Research Associates to Create New Platform
for Synthesis of Precision Macromolecules

We are seeking two outstanding and ambitious research associates to join the Livingston Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, to undertake leading-edge research into a breakthrough technology platform for the synthesis of high value (bio)polymers with highly defined monomer sequences (oligonucleotides, peptides, PEG). The primary uses of these polymers are therapeutic, and the platform is based around molecular separation in organic liquids by organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) and filtration.
The work will comprise the fabrication of OSN membranes, development and operation of advanced lab scale processing equipment, and carrying out defined monomer sequence polymer synthesis. You will work as a team with synthetic chemists, providing the chemical engineering skills to make the project successful. You will ideally have a good understanding of aspects of materials science and engineering relevant to membranes for molecular separations, process development experience, excellent laboratory and analytical skills, and experience in the synthesis and characterisation of polymers. Most importantly, you will have a creative attitude enabling you to find innovative solutions to technical problems, and a desire to succeed with a new paradigm for accurate macromolecular synthesis.
You will require a PhD degree (or equivalent) in chemical engineering, ideally with a specialisation towards any or all of membrane separation engineering, peptide/oligonucelotide processes, or polymer synthesis, with demonstrated independent research skills through publication in peer reviewed international journals.
The Livingston Group
Led by Professor Andrew G Livingston, the Group’s research spans the fabrication and application of molecular separation membranes. Active research areas include making membranes - membrane formation, characterisation, simulation and modification - and application of membranes to molecular separations ranging from key oil and gas industry challenges to the developing new synthesis approaches to uniquely accurate therapeutic polymers.
The Livingston Group is a diverse group composed of MSc, Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral Resear­chers from a broad range of countries. We offer an interdisciplinary environment with opportunities
for researchers to learn about areas outside of their immediate interests and to apply these concepts to their own research. We seek to make paradigm changing contributions to chemical engineering, for the benefit of society, and work to solve challenging problems.
Please find out more from the
Livingston Group website
The Livingston Group is a constituent group of the Barrer Centre, a research centre hosted in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London specialising in breakthrough research into membranes, adsorbents and separations materials, and their applications in vita areas including clean water, low carbon energy, efficient production processes and complex healthcare products.
How to apply
Our preferred method of application is online via our website. Click here to apply
If the link does not work then please go to our website (please select "Job Search" then enter the job title or vacancy reference number EN20160432AM into "Keywords"). Please complete and upload an application form as directed. Please also include a CV, cover letter and the contact details of two referees.
Deadline for applications: 6 January 2017

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